Alempana suomeksi BRUCHETTA, let’s make something super simple and yummy for evening snack. Best part of this right now is that I get to use produce from my garden and greenhouse. What a joy! Come join me! No special stuff needed, no skills needed, very little time and super yummy result. What more can you… Jatka artikkeliin BRUCHETTA

Sausage to make life easy, Makkarapannu

The weather is getting cooler and autumn chores are awaiting us outside. This kind of day requires a special kind of lunch. Warm, spicy, comforting and definately EASY! Sausage is always the right choice for this kind of a situation. Choose a spicy beef sausage, gentle lamb sausage or spicy vegetarian chorizo, anyone of these… Jatka artikkeliin Sausage to make life easy, Makkarapannu