What a beautiful summer it has been!

This has been a summer to remember for many, many reasons. This article, however, is about my garden, greenhouse, flowers, plants, fruits and veggies. I have had a wonderful time working in my garden and enjoying the results of the greenhouse and veggie benches. Come with me and feel the summer. Please note that each… Jatka artikkeliin What a beautiful summer it has been!

Zucchini lasagne, kesäkurpitsa lasagne

Many of us grow zucchini during summer and need ideas what to cook from it. Or maybe you found a good offer at your shop. Either way, try to make lasagne using zucchini. Yummy!! I have also grown my cherry tomatoes and herbs. This is what you need: 400g minced beef large zucchini onion, chopped… Jatka artikkeliin Zucchini lasagne, kesäkurpitsa lasagne