Xmas bread, Joululimppu

Alempana suomeksi Festive season is around the corner. Time to enjoy baking for the family and friends. Can you imagine anything nicer as a present than freshly baked bread? Made with love, just for you. This is a recipe my grandmother used to bake, as did every other grandma then and now. It is very… Jatka artikkeliin Xmas bread, Joululimppu

Upsidedown cake, ylösalaskakku

Alla suomeksi My favourite cake! I have kept an old recipe in my folder for this yummy cake. Always use it and always enjoy it. Before I used to make it with pineapple, like the recipe tells me to, put now I have fallen in love with the version with orange in it. YUMMY! The… Jatka artikkeliin Upsidedown cake, ylösalaskakku


Alempana suomeksi Every baker has hers/his own recipe for baklava. Many countries call it their pastry. Well known around the world. For me the best baklava I have ever eaten is the Iraqi baklava. It is super moist, not overly sweet and loaded with nuts. I have eaten excellent baklava in many, many places. Have… Jatka artikkeliin Baklava

Fell in love with sour dough, Rakastuin hapanjuureen

Alempana juttua suomeksi! Like so many, have I become a friend of sour dough baking this year. I have always baked a lot, bread, buns, cakes, pies, and used so many different recipes and methods. Sometimes failed completely and sometimes succeeded. Nothing is so interesting than sour dough baking, this I have noticed on my… Jatka artikkeliin Fell in love with sour dough, Rakastuin hapanjuureen

Pita bread, Pitaleipä

Great summer food, pita bread. Bake it in your grill or in the oven. Suits wonderfully with summer food, grilled, boiled or baked. Here we go! You need: 4 dl warm water 2 tsp dry yeast Pinch of sugar 2 tsp salt 1 dl natural yoghurt Wheat flour Olive oil This is what you do:… Jatka artikkeliin Pita bread, Pitaleipä