Zucchini lasagne, kesäkurpitsa lasagne

Many of us grow zucchini during summer and need ideas what to cook from it. Or maybe you found a good offer at your shop. Either way, try to make lasagne using zucchini. Yummy!! I have also grown my cherry tomatoes and herbs. This is what you need: 400g minced beef large zucchini onion, chopped… Jatka artikkeliin Zucchini lasagne, kesäkurpitsa lasagne

Wheat or oat bag, Kauratyyny

Sore neck? Tight muscles? Let’s make an oat bag to help deal with the pain. Here is what you need: Fabric for the inner bag and outer bag Peeled oats Sewing equipment This is what you do: I am making here two bags. Measure the bags, length 66cm, width 17cm. Both bags the same size.… Jatka artikkeliin Wheat or oat bag, Kauratyyny