Maqluuba, ylösalas riisipata

I have understood that maqluuba is originally a palestinian dish, widely eaten in other middle eastern countries. A very tasty and easy dish, what ever it’s origins are. My first encounter with maqluuba was a palestinian version of it when our family friends used to make it for us. Lovely, tasty memory! Now I am… Jatka artikkeliin Maqluuba, ylösalas riisipata

Summer cabbage rolls, kaalikääryleet

Now is the best time for this yummy and healthy cabbage dish! Get cooking!! Vegaaniset kaalikääryleet/ Vegan cabbage rolls Näitä tarvitset                                              This is needed 1 pieni kaalinkerä             … Jatka artikkeliin Summer cabbage rolls, kaalikääryleet