Rice with coriander, korianteririisi

Alla suomeksi …And how to use it. Rice, never fails, always yummy. Base for a dish or a dish in itself. I love rice. Specially basmati or yasmin. I always have a good stock of basmati at home. I try not to cook it too often, as it seems to be my soft point for… Jatka artikkeliin Rice with coriander, korianteririisi

Vegan bell peppers, vegaaniset paprikat

Want to to have some colour on your table, and I don’t mean a table cloth? You can never eat too much veggies. This time we will make yummy, colourful, tasty, healthy and easy stuffed bell peppers. Choose bell peppers in different colours, just t make your dish happier. Clean them, cut the top part… Jatka artikkeliin Vegan bell peppers, vegaaniset paprikat

Sausage to make life easy, Makkarapannu

The weather is getting cooler and autumn chores are awaiting us outside. This kind of day requires a special kind of lunch. Warm, spicy, comforting and definately EASY! Sausage is always the right choice for this kind of a situation. Choose a spicy beef sausage, gentle lamb sausage or spicy vegetarian chorizo, anyone of these… Jatka artikkeliin Sausage to make life easy, Makkarapannu

Bulgur, saves your day! Helppoa ja namia bulgurista.

Bulgur is super yummy, healthy and easy food, and it can be used in so many ways. Cold, hot, spicey, salads, soups, you name it. Today I am making a side dish for chicken, or just about anything, veggies, meat, or just as it is. This will bring some beauty to my plate and a… Jatka artikkeliin Bulgur, saves your day! Helppoa ja namia bulgurista.

Taas pastaa! Pasta again!

Scroll down to read in English! Taas pastaa! Oletko koskaan kuullut lastesi huutavan näin? Aina kalaa, ei kai taas maksaa, miksi aina näitä ihme vihanneksia! Näin kuuluu keittiön ovelta useimmiten. Pasta on se takuuvarma ruoka, jolla saa kaikki iloisiksi, ainakin melkein. Ja onhan pasta todella monipuolinen ruoka ja edullinen. Sellaisenaan ei ehkä ravintoarvoiltaan huippu, mutta… Jatka artikkeliin Taas pastaa! Pasta again!