Vegan bell peppers, vegaaniset paprikat

Want to to have some colour on your table, and I don’t mean a table cloth? You can never eat too much veggies. This time we will make yummy, colourful, tasty, healthy and easy stuffed bell peppers. Choose bell peppers in different colours, just t make your dish happier. Clean them, cut the top part… Jatka artikkeliin Vegan bell peppers, vegaaniset paprikat

Ecological dish cloth. Kestorätti

Alempana suomeksi! A tiny project for you! Make your own dish cloths and save money and nature. Bring happiness to your own kitchen or to someone special. Great gift idea and so very easy to do. This cloth can be used over and over again and should be washed in 60deg. To be very environmentally… Jatka artikkeliin Ecological dish cloth. Kestorätti


Alempana suomeksi Every baker has hers/his own recipe for baklava. Many countries call it their pastry. Well known around the world. For me the best baklava I have ever eaten is the Iraqi baklava. It is super moist, not overly sweet and loaded with nuts. I have eaten excellent baklava in many, many places. Have… Jatka artikkeliin Baklava

Kubbah Hammute. ”Hapan” Kubba

Alla suomeksi Kubbah Hammute is a dish known to me through my iraqi family. Comforting dish, and reminds me of our winter dishes as it can be cooked using root vegetables, turnips or swede. The soup I am making here is also wintery for some reason. The iraqis make so many different variations of Kubbah,… Jatka artikkeliin Kubbah Hammute. ”Hapan” Kubba

A bag for your hand sanitizer/ Käsidesipussukka

Got a very nice idea from a friend of mine. A small bag for your hand sanitizer, so it is always at hand, always at disposal with out having to look for it in your hand bag, pocket, or just to notice that you left it at home. All you need is a small bottle… Jatka artikkeliin A bag for your hand sanitizer/ Käsidesipussukka

Dates in a cake. Taatelikakku

Alempana suomeksi. I am not sure which cake I like as much as date cake. It is so yummy and aromatic, soft and comforting. For us it is typically a Christmas cake but I see no reason at all why it should not be baked at any time of the year. This is a simple… Jatka artikkeliin Dates in a cake. Taatelikakku

Present bag from fabric. Kankainen lahjakassi

Alempana suomeksi. Sustainability is the word of today. The trend that everyone should follow. No need to be too anxious about this issue but with few simple choices one can really make a difference. This year I decided to change my present bags into reusable fabric bags. Naturally one can reuse paper bags or plastic… Jatka artikkeliin Present bag from fabric. Kankainen lahjakassi

Fell in love with sour dough, Rakastuin hapanjuureen

Alempana juttua suomeksi! Like so many, have I become a friend of sour dough baking this year. I have always baked a lot, bread, buns, cakes, pies, and used so many different recipes and methods. Sometimes failed completely and sometimes succeeded. Nothing is so interesting than sour dough baking, this I have noticed on my… Jatka artikkeliin Fell in love with sour dough, Rakastuin hapanjuureen

Cover for a foot stool, päällystä rahi.

I need a foot stool for my old tired legs! Looked at some ready ones and then got an idea to make one. Why not! The easiest way to go about it is to get a ready stool and cover it. Would have been nice to make it from scratch but I am no carpenter.… Jatka artikkeliin Cover for a foot stool, päällystä rahi.

Sausage to make life easy, Makkarapannu

The weather is getting cooler and autumn chores are awaiting us outside. This kind of day requires a special kind of lunch. Warm, spicy, comforting and definately EASY! Sausage is always the right choice for this kind of a situation. Choose a spicy beef sausage, gentle lamb sausage or spicy vegetarian chorizo, anyone of these… Jatka artikkeliin Sausage to make life easy, Makkarapannu