Fell in love with sour dough, Rakastuin hapanjuureen

Alempana juttua suomeksi! Like so many, have I become a friend of sour dough baking this year. I have always baked a lot, bread, buns, cakes, pies, and used so many different recipes and methods. Sometimes failed completely and sometimes succeeded. Nothing is so interesting than sour dough baking, this I have noticed on my… Jatka artikkeliin Fell in love with sour dough, Rakastuin hapanjuureen

Cover for a foot stool, päällystä rahi.

I need a foot stool for my old tired legs! Looked at some ready ones and then got an idea to make one. Why not! The easiest way to go about it is to get a ready stool and cover it. Would have been nice to make it from scratch but I am no carpenter.… Jatka artikkeliin Cover for a foot stool, päällystä rahi.

Sausage to make life easy, Makkarapannu

The weather is getting cooler and autumn chores are awaiting us outside. This kind of day requires a special kind of lunch. Warm, spicy, comforting and definately EASY! Sausage is always the right choice for this kind of a situation. Choose a spicy beef sausage, gentle lamb sausage or spicy vegetarian chorizo, anyone of these… Jatka artikkeliin Sausage to make life easy, Makkarapannu

Bulgur, saves your day! Helppoa ja namia bulgurista.

Bulgur is super yummy, healthy and easy food, and it can be used in so many ways. Cold, hot, spicey, salads, soups, you name it. Today I am making a side dish for chicken, or just about anything, veggies, meat, or just as it is. This will bring some beauty to my plate and a… Jatka artikkeliin Bulgur, saves your day! Helppoa ja namia bulgurista.

What a beautiful summer it has been!

This has been a summer to remember for many, many reasons. This article, however, is about my garden, greenhouse, flowers, plants, fruits and veggies. I have had a wonderful time working in my garden and enjoying the results of the greenhouse and veggie benches. Come with me and feel the summer. Please note that each… Jatka artikkeliin What a beautiful summer it has been!

Zucchini lasagne, kesäkurpitsa lasagne

Many of us grow zucchini during summer and need ideas what to cook from it. Or maybe you found a good offer at your shop. Either way, try to make lasagne using zucchini. Yummy!! I have also grown my cherry tomatoes and herbs. This is what you need: 400g minced beef large zucchini onion, chopped… Jatka artikkeliin Zucchini lasagne, kesäkurpitsa lasagne

Herbs, herbs and more herbs. Yrttejä, kiitos!

I love growing herbs for many reasons! They are very tasty and easy to use in cooking. They are simple to grow. Very rewarding to grow. Cheap, beautiful, healthy and lovely in many ways. Grow them in a greenhouse, outside, balcony or on your window, guaranteed success. I am lucky to have a Palram Green… Jatka artikkeliin Herbs, herbs and more herbs. Yrttejä, kiitos!

Pita bread, Pitaleipä

Great summer food, pita bread. Bake it in your grill or in the oven. Suits wonderfully with summer food, grilled, boiled or baked. Here we go! You need: 4 dl warm water 2 tsp dry yeast Pinch of sugar 2 tsp salt 1 dl natural yoghurt Wheat flour Olive oil This is what you do:… Jatka artikkeliin Pita bread, Pitaleipä

Summer cabbage rolls, kaalikääryleet

Now is the best time for this yummy and healthy cabbage dish! Get cooking!! Vegaaniset kaalikääryleet/ Vegan cabbage rolls Näitä tarvitset                                              This is needed 1 pieni kaalinkerä             … Jatka artikkeliin Summer cabbage rolls, kaalikääryleet

Craft clay, savihommia

These little pieces you can do from craft clay, as I did here, or you can use proper clay or even paste like fimo. I chose to print leaves on them, but you can use what ever shape or tool you like. Nice stripes, straws, cloths etc. Collect the material you want. Cut your clay… Jatka artikkeliin Craft clay, savihommia